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Life After Rugby?

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James has a number of interests, which he likes to enjoy in his down-time when not training or playing.

Amongst these interests he lists literature, theatre, art and shockingly for a rugby player, an interest in wine!

Some of these interests form part of his investment portfolio. Although despite many requests he has so far resisted the temptation to be become a theatre angel! His has active investments in both art and wine.

Two artists which he actively supports are Claudio Giannini and Iain Nutting. Although from different disciplines and cultures, there is shared simplicity of both form and idea in their work.

Iain in particular is an incredible talent. For a number of years he worked with Anthony Gormley - famous for amongst other works, his seminal sculpture - Angel of the North.

Iain's talent is quite amazing in its vision and creativeness, as he turns everyday, mundane objects such as fire extinguishers and alarm bells and boxes into wonderfully realistic and expressive creatures, animals and birds such as Cranes, Ibis and Lilly Trotters as well as Gorillas, Gibbons even meercats!

Click this link www.sculpture.uk.net.

James will post the occasional blog about his art and wine but for those who are interested in either Giannini or Nutting, we have listed the main gallery contacts who will be able to help you further.

Claudio Giannini

Was born in Buenos Aires on 29th March 1952. He is a qualified psychologist who studied Economics and Philosophy in Argentina and Europe. He wrote the book "Siempre el Dinero" (Always the Money).

In 1990 he turned to his passion for art and begin to paint. His work is described as "Constructivo Rioplatense",  which means he is one of the group of artists from the River Plate area of Buenos Aires. Most of his paintings investigate the power and meaning of signs and symbols and how they become integral elements of human beings.

His feeling is that signs and symbols are a means of communication for us all with the result we are bombarded by information in our daily lives. Giannini prefers to simplify his images to allow the viewer to interpret his paintings in their own way and as they see them at first hand.

In 1998 Claudio founded "Grupo Palermo" for like-minded artists and published his book "Manifesto Imperfecto".

His work is in demand and features in many private and public collections.

His previous Exhibitions include:

  • Zira Guillon, Uruguay
  • Allison Galley, Miami
  • Semana del Arte, Spain
  • Flore Kernec, Paris
  • Museo del Parco, Milan
  • Catherine Miller, London

Catharine Miller Gallery
4 Old Laboratories
The Gasworks
2 Michael Road

Telephone: 07801 645826
Email: catharine@catharinemiller.com
Website: www.catharinemiller.com

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Iain Nutting

Born in 1961, Iain trained as St. Martin’s School of Art, London and was assistant to Anthony Gormley, Turner Prize winner. Although he has a fine understanding of all the traditional sculptural techniques, his preference has always been for constructed metal sculpture, which uses the industrial welding process.

Iain draws inspiration  from the natural world preferring when possible to work from life. He cuts and welds recycled metal into sculptures, which capture the very essence of his subject.


St Martin’s School of Art

Group Exhibitions


London Art Fair


Art London


Art 2000 at Islington


Art 99 at Islington


Art 98 at Islington
Courcoux & Courcoux Gallery Stockbridge Hampshire


Summer Exhibition at the Alresford Galley

Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery
2A Conway Street
Fitzroy Square
London W1T 6BA

Telephone: 020 7436 3182
Email: Rebecca@r-h-g.co.uk
Website: www.r-h-g.co.uk